Multiple Pay Rates


One person at two pay rates in MacNail construction payroll software. How to handle multiple wage rates.


An employee does different work at different pay rates. E.g. union and non-union.


1. enter them as two different people in Master Index, once for each rate. To make checks combine, they different wage rates need to be next to each other
2. Enter hours into Labor Log, make Labor Report, and make Payroll Report just like normal.
see also write-up in Sep '93 newsletter (#16)
3. In the Payroll Report, add any overtime hours if necessary (e.g. if 36 hrs at one rate and 8 at another, will need to type in 4 hours overtime in whichever line whose wage rate is used for the overtime hrs).
4. Click in the 'taxable' column of one of the lines, choose Copy, click on the 'taxable' column of the other line, choose Paste Special. Paste in Values, and Add.
5. Go back and type a zero into the 'taxable' column of the extra line.
6. If more than two wage rates, repeat steps 3 and 4 for the additional lines, adding them all to the same original row.
The correct payroll amount should now be figured, and checks will print correctly for the employee.

NOTE-- Goldenseal handles this much more elegantly, by having the option to change the wage schedule for each labor hours. You only need to enter each Employee once!


Entered 10/9/92 by Dennis. Updated 11/23/2010.