No Valid Employees in Payroll Report


"Sorry, no valid employees" message when using using MacNail construction payroll software to create payroll report (from scratch or from labor log)


1. Check Payroll Options. If they have recently reinstalled manager, the setting may just be wrong here.
2. If not, check the Employee Index or Master Index. If "Use Employee Index" is turned on, they must have valid data in EI (see #3). If not, Master Index must have valid data (see #4).
3. If using Employee Index- EI must have all columns filled in properly. Emp #'s must match names in MI; emp names must be non-empty, and must contain text. Wage rates must be filled in, withholding, deductions etc. Columns at end of EI for extra deductions are usually optional.
4. If using Master Index- must show employees, wage rate and burden >1.


Fix the master index or employee index.


Entered 7/28/93 by Vinay. Updated 11/23/2010.