Payroll is Missing One Employee


It's not getting one employee in 'Make a W-2 Print File' or 'Update Payroll Files.
Skipping one employee, missing one employee in MacNail construction payroll software for W2 or Payroll update.


1. Have them choose Payroll Options, then check whichever Index they have marked there to make sure the employee is listed!
2. They may have slightly different employee names in Employee Index and Master Index. If they created Payroll Files using MI and then switched to EI, MacNail will be looking for the wrong file names.


1. If they think they are using one Index and are really using the other, have them switch.
2. Have them copy the employee name in the MI and paste it into the EI.


Entered 1/29/93 by Dennis. Updated 11/22/2010.