Non-Taxable Medical Benefits


making medical deductions non-taxable in MacNail construction payroll software.


Medical deductions can usually be considered as non-taxable income, but Payroll blanks as now shipped do NOT consider them that way


To make medical deductions non-taxable:
1. Open the Payroll Blank
2. Unprotect the document
3. Click in the number under the 'taxable' column. The formula should be =E2
4. Click after the 2, type a minus sign, then click in the 'medical' column.
5. The formula should read something like =E2-N2
6. Hit the enter key
7. Protect the document, then save it.


Note: if some taxes are based on the total gross (can't deduct medical), then edit their formula. For example, if it's =ROUND(I2*,2) you'd change it to =ROUND((I2+N2)*,2) to add the medical back into it

NOTE #2: Payroll blanks in 95 and later years automatically deduct medical from the gross.

Entered 3/15/94 by Dennis. Updated 11/22/2010.