Additional Federal Payroll Withholding


It won't pick up the 'additional federal withholding' amounts when making payroll report from MacNail construction payroll software. Windows version before 5/94 approx, Macintosh version before 1/94 approx.


using Emp. Index with 'additional federal withholding', but it doesn't show up in Payroll Report.
In the Labor Report, the 'fed. add' numbers appear in the wrong column.


The cure, if someone gets it: In cell C33 of the ACCOUNTS.XLM file (C32 in Mac Accounting Manager), change
...SELECT("r1c6")... to ...SELECT("r1c8")...
Will need to make a new labor report, then a new payroll report.

Most people never use the additional payroll withholding so this may never come up.


Entered 3/10/94 by Dennis. Updated 11/23/2010.