Mid-Year Payroll

NOTE-- In 2000, we replaced MacNail with Goldenseal construction payroll software. Goldenseal is an integrated program that includes general accounting, job costing, payroll and project billing, plus estimating and other features. It also allows you to start using payroll in mid-year.

To start new payroll files in the middle of the year:

1. Make your first Payroll Report for the current pay period, no matter when it is during the year. Check it over, then choose Update Payroll Files from the Data menu.
2. MacNail will automatically create new Payroll Files for the year, as described in step 2 of the previous section.
3. If there was already a Company Payroll file for the year that was created by Accounting 3.3 or earlier, it will be renamed as with ".old" as a suffix. The individual employee Payroll Files will still be available in the old Payroll File format (without the year at the end of the file name).
4. For MacNail to be fully accurate at tracking FUTA and other taxes that have a 'cap' on them, and to be able to get totals for next year's W-2 forms, you should fill in year-to-date information from some other source, if it is at all possible. If all you have is year-to-date totals, type those totals into any previous week in each employee's Payroll File. If you have payroll withholding amounts for each week, type them into the appropriate weeks in each employee's Payroll File. If you were using Payroll Files from an earlier version of the MacNail Accounting software, you'll be able to copy and paste information from the old Payroll Files on a column-by-column basis.
5. Once you've entered year-to-date information, you may need to adjust FUTA, SUTA, and other taxes that have a 'cap' on them, if the year-to-date totals already put you over the 'cap' for the tax. This is especially likely if you are starting after March or so.