Job Cost Feedback (Possible Feature)

Can I automatically adjust unit costs, based on my job cost records?

In our earlier MacNail job costing software, we included a process to adjust estimating unit costs, based on actual costing data from accounting records. We have done some prep work for this feature in Goldenseal accounting software, but it is not yet fully implemented.

If you want to take advantage of this feature, please let us know! We probably will not do any further work on job cost feedback, unless we hear from people who actually want to use it.

NOTE-- Frankly, there are some serious risks to automatically changing estimating prices, based on accounting data, since accounting data is not always completely accurate (especially for labor hours, when based on employee recollections of what they did!). It may be best to just use your judgement, when evaluating job costing data and deciding how it should affect the numbers in your construction Assemblies.

In preparation for job cost feedback, you will need to use Item breakdowns when you enter Labor Hours records. That will give us the specific info so we can automatically adjust labor hours quantities in your Assemblies, based on the actual hours that you spend on each item.

HINT-- We welcome feedback on the design of this item.

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