Low Memory Messages

It's telling me that memory is low! What should I do?

Goldenseal accounting software is very cautious about some things. That means it sometimes gets nervous about the amount of available memory, and gives messages when it really isn't a problem. So you can usually just continue working with the program even after you get a "low memory" message.

NOTE-- Low memory errors have gradually become very rare, as computer RAM has increased to well beyond the needs of Goldenseal and most other programs running on typical machines.

We are gradually adjusting the messages so they won't occur so frequently. If you are getting the messages too often, let us know and we'll work on that part of the program.

NOTE-- If you have been using Goldenseal for a while, it may really get short of memory. In that case, the best thing is to Quit or Exit from Goldenseal accounting software, and then re-open the program.

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