QB Switch-- Journal Entries

In Quickbooks you use the Enter Special Transactions command to create a General Journal entry that moves money between accounts. It's the way you'll handle any type of transaction that isn't covered by some other command.

Goldenseal accounting software also includes several transfers that are similar to the General Journal. However, you won't need to use them very often, since Goldenseal automatically handles a wider range of transactions.

Utility Accounts

Goldenseal starts out with Utility accounts that handle accounts payable, accounts receivable and other "intangible" accounting quantities. It automatically transfers balances to and from the Utility accounts, so you don't usually need to do anything with them.

To see Goldenseal's Utility accounts, choose Utility Accounts from the Accounts menu.

NOTE-- To be technical, Goldenseal stores information wherever it makes most sense. For example, each vendor account includes a list of expense transactions, and a shorter list of unpaid items. That way we can retrieve related information very quickly.

Cash Transfers

To move money between Project accounts, Overhead accounts or Utility accounts, choose Special Transfers from the Bank menu, and choose Cash Transfers from the submenu.

Since Goldenseal automatically "posts" transactions to the correct accounts, you probably won't ever need to use Cash Transfers.

Cost Transfers

To move job costs between accounts, choose Special Transfers from the Bank menu, and choose Cost Transfers from the submenu.

Cost Transfers adjust the amounts shown in the Job Costs command and the job cost reports, without affecting any other balances.

Inventory Transfers

To add start-up inventory or adjust inventory quantities, choose Special Transfers from the Bank menu, and choose Inventory Transfers from the submenu.

You'll use Inventory Transfers frequently if you track inventory quantities, and need to make any adjustments other than normal inventory purchases and sales.

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