Printing Partial Sheets of Labels

How do I print on a partial sheet of address or mailing labels?

When you use Goldenseal accounting software, you can save a lot of time by printing address, mailing or shipping labels for your sales orders, accounts payable, marketing, customer relations and other business functions.

If you are printing small quantities of labels, you'll need to do some fiddling to minimize waste on pre-printed sheets of labels.

If you use blank mailing labels that are 30 to a sheet, you can print one partial sheet of addresses from the top, and then reverse the sheet and do a second batch from the bottom. HINT-- You probably don't want to print an upside-down set for shipping labels that already contain your address or logo!

If you still have some leftover labels in the middle of the sheet, follow these steps to print them:

  1. Use the Printer Flag button in Goldenseal to mark the records you want to print now.
  2. Go to some records that are earlier in the list, and also turn on the Printer Flag button for some of those records-- enough to fill up the empty spaces on the sheet of labels.
  3. Choose Find from the Edit menu, turn on the Printer Flag button, and click the Find button. That will show you all of the flagged records. Browse through them and make sure that the records you want labels for are at the end of the list.
  4. Choose Print Forms from the File menu, choose 1" mailing labels as the Form Type, and choose Found Items as the Record Range. Click Print.
  5. Goldenseal will print on the sheet of labels. It will print 'dud' records onto the labels that were previously used, and good records on the remaining labels.

WARNING-- When printing on a partial sheet, do not use the Unprinted Items or Flagged Items options. Those choices may print the labels in a different order, so some of the labels you want will end up in the empty spots.

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