Using Payroll Records to Correct Errors

Oops, I just discovered I have the wrong deductions or employer taxes in some previous payroll periods!

One way to correct errors in empl

Incorrect Employer Taxes or Insurance

If you made an error in employer taxes or insurance, you can follow the steps above to correct the tax amounts in the next pay periods.

If the error is large, it may be easier to follow these steps instead:

  1. Choose Payroll Records from the Costs menu.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Enter an employee into the Employee field.
  4. Enter Employer Tax into the Transaction Type popup field.
  5. Enter the specific tax or insurance in the Applies To field.
  6. Enter the amount of the adjustment into the Amount field. If you overpaid in previous periods, enter a negative amount. If you underpaid, enter a positive amount.
  7. Goldenseal will add the adjustment when you use the Pay Bills command to pay for the taxes.

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