Multi-User License

How does the Multi-User License work?

When you have the multi-user license, you can have that many people using Goldenseal accounting software as clients at the same time.

For the 2-user version, you can have two members of your company using a company file at the same time, by signing on as a network client. You can actually have a third person working on the server computer, although that may slow things down sometimes for the other users.

For the 5-user version, you can have 5 people signing on to the company file as clients at the same time.

For the 10-user version, you can have 10 employees signed onto the company file at the same time. We don't recommend having someone working on the server computer when you have that many users.

The multi-user limits are based on the number of people signed on at the same time. If you have some employees who don't always need to use the Goldenseal accounting file, you probably can have more actual users than licensed ones.

Note that if you have just one computer, more than one person can use the single-user version. One person can also use the single-user version on more than one computer.

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