Switching in Mid-Year

Can I switch to Goldenseal in the middle of the year?

Sure, you can start using Goldenseal accounting software any time during the year. Here are some hints for starting in different seasons:

January or February Start

If you start using Goldenseal early in the year, it's probably worth going back and entering all business expenses from January 1, so you can start with a complete year of data for your accounting and tax reports.

If you don't have time to put in your January info right away, then start entering current data now, and go back to enter January data when you have time.

HINT-- Goldenseal doesn't mind if you enter records out of chronological order.

March to August Start

If you start using Goldenseal accounting software in mid-year, it's probably too much work to enter all your records from the first of the year. Instead, focus on projects that start up in mid-year, and spend time on Goldenseal's estimating and project management features to start.

When you start a new project, you can start entering Labor Hours and other expenses for just that project. That way you'll get accurate job cost tracking (and time-and-materials billing) for the job. It's also a good way to get familiar with Goldenseal gradually.

If you are already using other accounting software, you can plan ahead to make the switch at the end of the year. If you don't use other software, you may want to jump into Goldenseal right away, even though you don't have a full year of data.

HINT-- Goldenseal doesn't mind if you start in the middle of the year.

September to December Start

Late in the year is often the best time to start using a new accounting program. You can phase in Goldenseal gradually, and learn how to use it before you "let go" of your existing system.

We suggest that you start entering data before the end of the year, especially for projects that you start in mid-year. That way you can get completely comfortable with the way Goldenseal works before you are using it full time.

NOTE-- You don't need to do anything special in Goldenseal at the end of the year. Just keep entering your records, and Goldenseal will use the dates to generate financial reports for each time period.

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