W-2 Forms and 1099 Forms


purchasing W-2 and 1099 forms for MacNail construction payroll software. What forms to get while printing W2 and 1099 forms.


I did some price shopping, and the best deal on 1099 and W-2 forms by far is from Quill: 717 272-6100 voice, 708 634-5708 fax.
following are their items, prices and order #'s. All are slightly cheaper if you get more than 1 pkg.

UPDATE-- Quill still seems to be the best deal for forms, as of 2010. There are a lot more choices these days, but impact-printer forms are about $16 per 100. Laser form sets are about $16 for 50 employees (item 901-5746).


5 part laser 1099: $8.49 1 pk (50) 100-6102
6 part laser W-2: $11.89 1 pk (50) 100-6006
5 part tractor feed 1099: $11.79 per 100 100-9105
6 part tractor feed W-2: $16.96 per 100 100-2066

For the same quantities NEBS costs $24 to $38 -- not even close.
I haven't called Deluxe yet, but they are probably higher than NEBS, not lower.

NOTE: Warn users that they may have to adjust spacing slightly, and make sure they double-check to make sure they are getting exactly what they need! Some states need more or fewer parts, some printers can't do 6 part forms, etcetera.


Entered 12/23/93 by Lyn. Updated 11/23/2010.