Previous Year Payroll


doing payroll for previous year, starting new payroll files for updating, but MacNail construction payroll software does dates for current year


this is only a problem if they NEVER ran 'update payroll files' in the previous year, and so are creating new payroll files entirely for the previous year.


temporarily reset system clock to previous year

On Macintosh: choose Control Panel from Apple menu, choose General, set back the date to anything in previous year

On Windows: go to Program Manager, open Main window, open Control Panel, choose Date/Time, reset the date to anything in previous year

The code currently uses the current year. Since it's rare for people to start payroll retroactively and since the solution is pretty simple, this won't be reprogrammed anytime soon, if ever.


Entered 1/11/94 by Dennis. Updated 11/23/2010.