Tax Cutoffs.


FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Disability Tax is not 'cutting off' when wages for the year go over the maximum limit in MacNail construction payroll software. Medicare, Social Security tax keeps being deducted when it shouldn't


Some taxes cut off at a certain amount. User reports that it doesn't cut off on the Payroll Report even though it should.

Did they already run Update Payroll Files?


NO-- they should run Update Payroll Files. That's when it checks year to date figures and cuts off taxes that are over limit.
YES-- Did they enter all pay periods for the year into each employee Payroll File? They need to in order to get year-to-date figures.
Check the total column for that tax, to make sure it's actually over the limit. If it is, it's probably a code change problem. If not, it's not ready to cut off yet, or else some old numbers are wrong.


Entered 10/3/95 by Dennis. Updated 11/23/2010.