Payroll Report shows #N/A


#N/A in Payroll Report from MacNail construction payroll software. This can be a lookup problem, or caused by a damaged worksheet.


1. Scroll over to the right past the 'Employer Total'. Check for #N/A in the state and federal deduction columns. May possibly be in other columns (e.g. 'Federal additions')
NOTE: #REF! or #NAME? indicate bad formulas or damage to Payroll Blank.
2. Also check last revised date on Accounting Manager-- if not there, may be a very early (buggy) version


1. to fix this payroll report-- type in correct values.
to fix future reports-- type correct values into the Employee Index (or Master Index). Might want to check Payroll Options to see which they are using. Most common thing that is wrong-- has blanks in 'state deductions' column of Employee Index rather than numbers.
2. Replace the manager with newer version

The reason for putting in #N/A rather than 0 or some other values-- we figure it's better to catch the problem and have correct withholding rather than use zero or some other default value that will lull the user into thinking there's not a problem.

NOTE: Another possible (rare) cause of #N/A in state-- they may possibly be using a pre-1993 payroll blank. If the 'employee withhold' and 'employer tax' columns are next to each other, it's the older style. Solution is to use the newer state payroll.


Entered 1/28/93 by Dennis. Updated 11/23/2010.