Missing Criteria


gives 'missing the defined name Criteria' message when running update payroll files command in MacNail construction payroll software


they must have deleted entire rows or columns in the payroll files -- there's two cells defined as crit.spot and Criteria on the far right, just past the 'employer tax total' column


1. do they have a recent backup? If so, try that-- if before he columns were deleted, that'll be the easiest way to fix it.
2. If not, will need to restore the criteria and title on each of the Payrll files, and also the defined name crit.spot. Check location of Criteria and crit.spot on one of our files, and have them type in the title, select the two rows, use the Set Criteria command, and define name.

Note that the Criteria column probably has zero column width-- use Go To to get to Criteria, then set the column width wider so you can see it.


Entered 3/30/95 by Dennis. Updated 11/22/2010.