Giving a Payroll Bonus


How to give a bonus to employees in MacNail construction payroll software. YEAR-END PROBLEMS


Wants to add an additional pay period for a bonus or other non-standard pay


1. In Labor Log, pick a day in a previous pay period that has no labor done on it, and enter one line for each employee under that date.
2. Enter the # of hours it takes to equal that employee's bonus, or else type in actual bonus (plus burden) into the 'total cost' column (unprotect first).
3. Job cost it againt job 99, or else against a job, depending on how you want to cost it.
4. Make a Labor Report for just that day.
5. Make a payroll Report from the Labor Report.
6. Can adjust the gross or net amount on the Payroll report, so it matches actual amount of bonus. In some states, some payroll withholding or taxes may need to be adjusted.
7. Can post to ledger and print checks, just as with any payroll check.
8. Choose Update Payroll Files. In 3.3b or earlier, it will be added to a new row. In 3.4, you'll be asked where to put it: say 'make a new row'.

NOTE-- Our newer Goldenseal payroll software program makes it much easier to give payroll bonuses.


Entered 12/17/93 by Dennis. Updated 11/22/2010.