Goldenseal for Internet & Mail Order

Goldenseal is designed for mail order and internet sales-- we use it every day to run our sales, marketing, project management and accounting at Turtle Creek Software.

Customer Tracking Software

Goldenseal includes a database of prospects and active customer accounts. It has a fast Find command so you can locate records quickly when you have a buyer on the phone. Just click a button and you can see past sales, phone calls and other contacts with each customer or prospect.

You can also use Goldenseal to print mailing labels or envelopes, or to generate address lists for mail merge. You can even use the Custom Layouts command to create form letters within Goldenseal for frequent mailings.

Goldenseal also helps you to keep track of appointments, calls, company policies, problems, to-do lists and vendors.

Sales Management Software

When you make a sale, enter a Sales transaction and Goldenseal will automatically track sales history, accounts receivable and billing. Use the Print Forms command to print invoices, sales receipts, mailing labels and shipping labels.

If you sell the same items or provide the same services repeatedly, set them up as Cost Items. Goldenseal will compute the current retail price automatically for each item, based on the purchase price and your current markup.

If you assemble or manufacture items, use Assemblies to combine labor and materials into larger sale units.

When you enter sales, you can use an itemized breakdown, and fill in the sale items from pop-up lists. Goldenseal automatically enters current pricing for each item.

Shipping & Delivery Methods

Goldenseal lets you set up shipping and delivery charges, based on the weight or cost of the items you sell. When you enter sales items, it automatically figures the shipping charges, based on the shipping method and overall weight or price.

You can store multiple addresses for each customer, and assign a different address to each shipping method-- so Goldenseal will automatically use the correct address for UPS, mail or direct delivery.


Goldenseal includes multiple markup systems to calculate the price of each item you sell or each service you provide. You can include "on sale" prices in each markup system, and you can automatically trim prices to "retail" pricing like $9.95.

Inventory Management

Goldenseal automatically tracks inventory quantities for each item that you buy and sell. When you enter purchase transactions, it automatically increases the inventory count for each item you've bought. When you sell items or use them in projects, Goldenseal automatically reduces the count. You can also use Inventory Transfers to adjust inventory amounts.

Cost Accounting

Goldenseal helps you to track expenses and income, so you know how well you are doing on each part of your business. Goldenseal handles job costs, customer billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll.

Click here for more about Goldenseal's accounting software features for mail order businesses.

Project Management

Goldenseal helps you to track any type of project-- whether you are doing it for a customer or for your own business.

You can set up a budget for each project and then track expenses, and see an "estimated vs actual" report.

You can also use Goldenseal to handle subcontractor and supplier bids, change orders, purchase orders, work orders, punch lists, and other project details.

Customer Tracking

Sales Tracking

Shipping & Deliveries


Inventory Control

Cost Accounting