Check Printing

NOTE-- In 2000, we replaced MacNail with Goldenseal construction accounting software. Goldenseal is an integrated program that includes general accounting, job costing, payroll and project billing, plus estimating and other features. It also includes check printing. We still include these instructions on our website, for die-hard users of our original MacNail Accounting software.

Printing checks is a three step process. First, enter information about each payment into one of the MacNail accounting files. Next, create a Check Printing file for a selected range of checks, and make sure it looks exactly the way you want. Finally, use the Print or Print Selection commands to actually print it.

HINT: If you have problems printing, or just want to have duplicate copies of the checks, you can print more than once!

Enter payment information-- Regular Checks

Before you can actually print regular accounts payable checks, you'll need to fill out information about each payment in a Checkbook Ledger.

You should enter the payee, the amount of the check, and any comments that you want to print on the check. If you aren't using the payroll features in the MacNail accounting software, then you'll also enter payroll checks here, and print them directly from the Ledger.

Enter payment information-- Payroll Checks

To print detailed payroll checks that show all deductions and withholding, fill out all relevant information in the Labor Log, choose Reports from the Data menu to make a Labor Report, then choose Payroll Report from the Data menu to make a Payroll Report.

NOTE: In order to be able to make a Payroll Report, you should set up information about the pay period by choosing Date Options and Payroll Options from the Options menu. When you make the Labor Report, choose Last Pay Period or Another Pay Period, and hours for that period will be extracted automatically.

If you want your payroll checks to include year to date withholding information, you should first choose Update Payroll Files from the Data menu to add this week's payroll to each employee's payroll file.

If you have to make any adjustments to the payroll withholding and deductions, change the Payroll Report before you use it to print checks.

If you would like to have the printed check numbers match the actual Ledger checks used for payment, choose Post to Ledger before you print checks.

Print Checks

To create the file that you'll print on the pre-printed check forms:
1. If you use more than one printer, first use the Chooser desk accessory to pick the correct printer.
2. Open the accounting file you want to use. If you are printing regular checks, open a Ledger. If you are printing payroll checks, open a Payroll Report.
3. Drag the mouse through the lines for which you'd like to create checks.
4. Choose Make a Check File from the Format menu.
5. Make sure that you are using the correct blank, then click OK.

The MacNail Check Writing Software will spend some time collecting information about each check. It will create a new file called "Check Printing xx/xx/xx", with today's date as part of the file name, and then give you the standard Print dialog box so you can print it. If you'd like to look at the checks before printing them, turn on the Print Preview option so you can see them on the screen first. If you like what you see, click Print to actually print the checks.

If you do need to make some changes before actually printing, click Cancel when you are shown the print dialog. You can then make any necessary changes to the Check Printing file. When done, choose Print from the File menu to actually print the checks.

If you want to print a second copy-- either for filing purposes, or because of printing problems-- open the Check Printing file, and choose Print from the File menu.