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Goldenseal Pro

We are currently working on Goldenseal Pro. It's a major upgrade to our Goldenseal software. It keeps the same basic features, but converts to more modern frameworks and appearance. For detailed progress reports, check the Turtlesoft Blog.

This is a large and difficult project. Fortunately, we only need to do this kind of overhaul once every 10 or 20 years!

On Windows, we are removing all use of QuickTime libraries, so you won't need to install extra software to run Goldenseal. That also fixes problems some users have had with slow screen drawing or flashing.

On Macintosh, we have removed old code based on PowerPlant and Carbon, and are replacing it with 64-bit libraries.

On both platforms, we redesigned the basic interface so it is easier to use. The new appearance works better with modern screen sizes and hardware. It makes your company data much easier to navigate, and generally looks more "modern".

Behind the scenes, we also rewrote the database code to be more reliable, and converted everything to a modern 64-bit architecture. We are also using newer C++ features that make the code more reliable.

Our long-term plan is to have the desktop version of Goldenseal be a 'home base' in your office, that you can access from mobile devices.


We plan to broaden the range of Goldenseal Pro, and have 8 or 10 combinations of features, instead of the current 2 (plus multi-user). It will range from inexpensive consumer accounting, all the way to multi-user enterprise business software. That way, buyers will be able to more closely match the software to their needs.

Pricing on the current feature sets will increase. You can save money if you buy the current versions now. More details on pricing and specific configurations will be available, closer to the launch date.

User Support

All Goldenseal Pro versions will include online manuals and answers. Professional versions of Goldenseal Pro will also include free, lifetime support by phone or email. You can call our support line (607 220-4514) during office hours (M-F, 9 am to 6 pm EST) or e-mail to

Upgrades and Updates

We plan to update Goldenseal Pro at least once or twice a year. Each update fixes any reported bugs, increases reliability and adds new features.

When you purchase Goldenseal Pro, we'll give you unlimited downloading of new versions for one year. After that, you can purchase unlimited update downloads for $60 per year.

System Requirements- Macintosh

Goldenseal Pro will run on any Macintosh computer with System 10.15 (Mojave) or newer. It requires an Intel, 64-bit chip or the newer M1 chip. Since we are updating the code to the latest framework libraries, it will no longer run on older Mac systems.

System Requirements- Windows

Goldenseal Pro will run on any 64-bit Windows PC with Windows 10 or newer.

Goldenseal Pro will no longer require that you install QuickTime.

File Compatibility

Goldenseal Pro files will still be binary compatible between Mac and Windows. That means you can use the same files on either platform, or use both Mac and Windows machines with the multi-user version.

Files from the current Goldenseal convert automatically to the new Goldenseal Pro format.