Septic Tank Pumping Cost


Construction unit cost for pumping out a septic tank or drywell.

Unit Size

One tank.

Labor and Equipment Costs

We figure about 4 1/4 hours of unskilled labor and a bit over 2 hours for a small loader or backhoe. The cost covers finding the tank, digging it out, waiting for the pumping and then backfilling and regrading.

Subtract 1/2 hour if you know exactly where the tank is (e.g. greener grass). Add 1/2 hour if you don't have the faintest idea where the darned thing is.

The price does not include the actual pumping or disposal cost.

Material Costs


Suggested Quantity

No suggestion. Enter the number of tanks that need to be cleaned out.

Source of Construction Pricing

Timing from job cost data on a couple of projects.

Places Included

Architect starter file, Construction file.


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