Stone Wall Removal Cost


Demolition unit cost for removal of stone walls (approximately 12" thick).

Unit Size

One square foot horizontal area.

Labor Costs

We figure an unskilled worker can break up and remove about 12.5 cubic feet of stone wall per hour. The price is based on hand labor, and on stonework laid with mortar that is fairly soft or deteriorated. You could reduce the labor quantity slightly for dry-laid stone, and you probably should increase it a little for very solid mortar.

The price does not include trucking from the jobsite. It assumes hand loading, but not much hauling by hand. If you need to lug things out of a basement you should increase the labor quantities.

Stone foundations around here are generally built of shale or limestone pieces about 1/2 to 1 cubic foot in volume (sometimes smaller). Regions with different types of materials may see some difference in the labor required.

Material Costs

The price includes jackhammer rental time. For very small projects you might get by with a sledge hammer and pry bar. For larger projects with exterior access you'll probably use a backhoe, excavator or other large equipment for the demolition, at a much lower labor cost.

Suggested Quantity

No suggested quantity. Just enter the amount of stonework you'll be removing or replacing.

Source of Construction Pricing

Based on job cost data from one or two projects done by Turtle Creek Construction. The work was usually small quantities (e.g. cutting a doorway through a stone foundation).

Places Included

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