Drywall Removal Cost


Demolition unit cost for removal of gypsum wallboard (also known as drywall or sheetrock).

Useful for cost estimating of demolition and remodeling projects in older buildings.

Unit Size

Square foot.

Labor Costs

We figure about 100 square feet of demolition per unskilled hour. Compared to the older plaster-over-lath products, you can really get this stuff off quickly.

This cost includes removal of the drywall and hauling it to a dumpster or truck. The cost does not include tipping charges or labor to empty the dumpster or truck.

Material Costs

We throw in one lost wrecking bar per 500 square feet of demolition area. This also helps cover other "wear and tear" costs for items such as gloves, dust masks etc.

Suggested Quantity

This unit cost uses the wallboard demolition area (which is calculated from the area that gets new surfaces but not new framing).

Source of Construction Pricing

We calculated this demolition unit cost using our job cost data from Turtle Creek Software. This pricing pretty much includes removal of fasteners as well-- it's kind of the average of various demolition jobs, and frequently we were prepping walls for a new finish rather than removing them completely.

HINT-- A demolition subcontractor doing nothing but demolition estimating can probably reduce the labor cost for this item. We didn't do it that often so we probably weren't very efficient at demolition.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Drywall Starter File


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