Hand Excavation Cost-- Difficult


Construction unit cost for a foundation hole dug out by hand in awkward conditions (under a crawl space or in other crowded or tight conditions).

Unit Size

One cubic yard of soil removed.

Labor and Equipment Costs

We figure about 3 hours per cubic yard of soil removed.

This price includes digging in cramped conditions, with a single toss to the outdoors or an interior stockpile. Add extra time if the soil needs to be moved further than that. The time required could easily double if you need to move it through interior spaces for disposal.

Material Costs

None included

Suggested Quantity

The calculated foundation excavation volume (which you may need to adjust-- you'll probably use this item only for unusual projects).

Source of Construction Pricing

We looked up job cost data for three projects that required digging under a porch, in a crawl space, and under a barn floor.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File.


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