Electrical Power Pole Installation Cost


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power pole 25 ft

Construction Category SubCategory
Rough Electric Electric Utility Hookups


Electrical estimating unit cost for installation of a 25 foot power pole.

Unit Size

One electrical power pole.

Labor Costs

We figure that installing one power pole will take about 2.7 hours of skilled labor and 3 hours of unskilled labor. This includes placement of the pole, installation of guy wires and backfilling.

Material Costs

One power pole, 50 feet of anchor cable and one anchor rod.

hard COnstruction Cost, Typical

$320.31 each

Suggested Quantity

No suggested quantity. Type in the number of poles required.

Source of Construction Pricing

Based on crew timing and/or job costing data from a few electrical installations done by Turtle Creek Construction.

Places Included

Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File



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