New Features- Goldenseal 3.0 Update

This section covers new features in the Goldenseal 3.0 software update (released October 2004).

Features apply to Goldenseal accounting software, estimating software and project management software.

General Improvements
Adding Table Rows-- you can now option-click or control-click to add rows in the middle of a breakdown table
Calculations with Matches-- calculators can now use match fields to include just some items
Faster Saves-- We shaved a second or two off the time it takes to save when there are thousands of records.
Longer Business Name-- you can now use up to 63 characters for your business name
Website Tech Support-- you can now reference Goldenseal tech answers on the website

Accounting Improvements
Job Cost Hours-- Goldenseal now shows hours in job costing reports
Wages to Date-- paychecks now show wages to date

Estimating Improvements
Better Navigation-- You now enter dimensions in a separate window.
Dimension Buttons-- You can now show dimensions by clicking a button.
Metric Version-- Goldenseal now includes a metric construction estimator.
Price Adjustments-- You can now adjust material prices with a quick percentage or dollar adjustment.

Project Management Improvements
Punch List Reports-- We've added punch list reports.
Time & Materials Billing-- T&M billing now shows quantities for each item.