New Features- Goldenseal 2.9 Update

This section covers new features in the Goldenseal 2.9 update (released July 2004).

Features apply to Goldenseal accounting software, estimating software and project management software.

Estimating improvements
Cost Summary-- Estimates now show a summary of labor, material and other costs, and cost per square foot

Custom Indexing-- Speed up the Find command with large numbers of records
More Button Options-- You can now create buttons with a picture
More Info Windows-- We've reduced clutter in some of the account and transaction layouts
Preferences Password Access-- You can now control employee access to Preferences
Report Display-- You now have more control over reports.
Table Help-- Goldenseal now shows help text for each table column
Templates from New button-- You can now enter templates directly from the New button

Low Inventory Tracking-- Goldenseal checks sales inventory, and gives several options when entering sales items
Purchase Orders-- Goldenseal now creates automatic purchase orders to replace low inventory
UPC Codes-- Enter items "point of sale" with a bar code reader, or by any type of product name or code
Vendor Pricing-- Cost Items now show separate prices from up to 3 vendors