Goldenseal Demo Troubleshooting

Help! I'm having problems with the Goldenseal demo version!

Here are answers for common questions about the Goldenseal software demo.

How do I get Started?

After you install the Goldenseal demo, do the following:

  • On Windows-- click the Start button, and choose Programs or All Programs. Click on Goldenseal in the list of programs, and choose Sample Company File.
  • On Macintosh-- double-click on the Sample Company File icon.

If you want to start an estimate, choose Estimates from the Income menu, then click the template button (the triangle next to the New button). Choose a project type, and you'll have a blank estimate in which to put measurements.

HINT-- The Getting Started manual will help you get started! You can download it, or view it online.

Differences from Full Program

The Goldenseal demo is exactly the same as what you'll buy, with one exception-- you can only enter 50 records for accounts, and for most types of business transactions. That means you can enter 50 customers, 50 estimates, 50 material purchases, etc.

Can I use the same data with the full version?

Yes. We suggest that you start out with the Sample Company file, which has data for a fake company. That makes things easier to understand, when you are first learning.

When you are ready to enter data for your own company, start by downloading a starter file. You can then use the same file with the full program, later on.

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