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Goldenseal is progress payments software designed to create bills for projects that are based on the percentage of completion for each item or category.

You can bill for progress by category, by location or phase, or for each individual item within a project.

HINT-- You'll frequently use progress payment billing when getting a bank draw for a large project.

When you are ready to bill you'll enter a percentage of completion for each item. Goldenseal will then calculate the total billing amount for the work completed (minus retainage if you have entered that for the project).

When you enter progress payment percentages, Goldenseal also computes an estimate for final project costs, which you can see with the Job Costs command. It helps you to see how well the project is doing, long before you are finished with it.

Goldenseal also handles other types of project billing, plus accounts receivable, job costs, general accounting and project management.

The complete version of Goldenseal includes all of these features:

The Goldenseal progress payment software is available in single-user and multi-user flavors for both Macintosh and Windows computers. You can mix both platforms on a network. Click here for software pricing.