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Goldenseal is labor cost software that helps you to manage and control the cost of labor in your company.

It includes Labor Hours records where you can track employee time, and allocate it to projects or overhead accounts. You can also allocate each labor cost into a cost category and optional subcategory, and into a cost location-- which can be part of a project, or a specific business function.

The Goldenseal Job Costs command will show you a breakdown of labor costs for each project or overhead account, so you can see at a glance the time that has been spent to date.

Goldenseal also lets you include labor costs in your project estimates (which you can use for customer work, or for your own internal projects). You can include each labor cost directly in an estimate, or build them into Assemblies for work that you do frequently.

The labor cost data that you enter into Goldenseal can also be included in time-and-materials billing and payroll costs.

Goldenseal is an integrated package that also includes general accounting, project management and business management features.

The complete version of Goldenseal includes all these features:

Goldenseal labor cost software is available for Macintosh and Windows computers, in single-user and multi-user versions. Click here for software pricing.