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Goldenseal is job cost software that tracks expenses for projects and overhead. It calculates labor "burden", tracks equipment expenses, and allocates job cost amounts to any category, subcategory and location.

Job costing is solidly integrated in Goldenseal-- you can enter job cost info in every expense and income transaction, and there are a variety of reports that show you the current job cost status for each project.

Over 8000 businesses currently use our job cost software, and they've found that it has helped them to track their costs accurately, so they can improve the quality of their estimates and control their expenses.

Goldenseal in an integrated business management program that also handles general accounting, cost estimating, payroll, contract writing and project management.

Goldenseal includes all of the following:

The Goldenseal job cost software is available in single-user and multi-user flavors for both Macintosh and Windows computers. Click here for software pricing.