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Goldenseal is integrated accounting software for any type of small business. It tracks expenses, creates customer and project bills, writes checks for expenses and calculates employee payroll.

Each part of Goldenseal uses a consistent interface-- once you've learned how to do one thing, it is easy to learn additional features.

Because Goldenseal is so tightly integrated, you can enter data just once and know that the information will be used everywhere possible. For example, when you enter a material purchase, it will be used for all of the following:

  • Price updating for estimates or selling price calculations
  • Time and materials billing
  • Job Costs
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory updating

All Goldenseal integration happens automatically and behind the scenes, so you only need to enter data and then view the results.

Goldenseal also handles general accounting, cost estimates, contracts and project management.

Goldenseal includes all of the following:

The Goldenseal integrated accounting software is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. You can get it in either single-user or multi-user format. Click here for software pricing.