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Goldenseal is cost estimator software that gives fast, accurate cost estimates for any business that has to give price quotes, bids or estimates. It uses "smart dimensions", assemblies and unit costs to make life easier for the estimator.

You can use one of our free starter files-- they already include cost categories and unit costs for many businesses, so you can start estimating right "out of the box". You can also add unit costs from estimating books or use your own cost data.

To create an estimate, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Estimates from the Income menu.
  2. Click the template button (to the right of the New button) and choose a templatee for your usual type of project.
  3. Choose Estimate Dimensions from the Options menu, and choose the first set of dimensions.
  4. Enter measurements, then move on to the next dimension layout.
  5. When you've finished all the dimensions, choose Estimate Dimensions from the Options menu, and choose Specifications from the submenu.
  6. Click the Update Quantities button to calculate quantities for each item of work.
  7. Check the estimate, and make any adjustments for the specifics of this project. You may need to add more items, or change materials for some existing items.

Once you create a Goldenseal estimate, you'll also get a bill of materials, a simple schedule and a scope of work project description.

Goldenseal is an integrated program which also includes job cost accounting, project management and contract writing.

The basic version of the Goldenseal software includes all of the following (single user):

The complete version includes all of the items mentioned above, plus these accounting features:

The Goldenseal cost estimator software is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. Click here for software pricing.