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Goldenseal Computerized Accounting




Goldenseal is a computerized accounting program for small business. It's integrated software that tracks expenses, prints checks, keeps accounts and sends out customer and project bills. Goldenseal also writes payroll and helps with project management and general business management.

Goldenseal turns any Macintosh or WIndows computer into a complete small business manager. Once you enter your business accounts and transactions, it will let you print invoices and estimates, look up past business records, write checks and paychecks, and manage many other aspects of your business.

After you've entered expenses, use the Job Costs command to see a detailed breakdown of expenses for each project or overhead area. The program also automatically pays bills, generates customer and project invoices, writes payroll and deposits sales and project receipts.

Goldenseal includes all of the following:

The Goldenseal computerized accounting software is available in single-user and multi-user flavors for both Macintosh and Windows computers. Click here for software pricing.