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Goldenseal Computer Accounting




Goldenseal is computer accounting software for any type of small business. It tracks expenses, writes checks, keeps business accounts and sends out customer and project bills.

The Goldenseal program keeps a permanent record of all your business accounts-- customers, vendors, employees, bank accounts and other assets and liabilities. You can use it to print customer mailing labels, envelopes or form letters for your marketing efforts.

Goldenseal also tracks many business accounting transactions, including estimates, sales, vendor invoices, labor hours, purchase orders and property rentals. It automatically handles Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and payroll, and includes a Find command so you can quickly locate past records.

With its automatic posting, Goldenseal makes fast work of bill paying, check writing, customer billing and payroll. It also includes many financial reports and "quick summaries" for job costs, current payables and receivables.

Goldenseal is an integrated package which also includes project management and general business management features.

The Goldenseal computer accounting software is available in single-user and multi-user versions for both Macintosh and Windows computers. It includes all of the following:

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