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Goldenseal is activity based cost accounting software for Macintosh and Windows computers. It helps you to track expenses and income in as much detail as you need.

In Goldenseal you can track the cost of business activities in three different ways:

  • Project accounts are a specific set of tasks which let you track expenses against an estimate or budget. You can use projects for work you do for clients, or for your own internal projects.
  • Cost Categories and Category Systems let you set up a hierarchy of cost categories and subcategories. You can use different category systems for overhead costs and projects.
  • Cost Locations let you track expenses for specific areas within a project.

As you enter expenses you can identify each item by project, category and location. Goldenseal includes cost transactions for equipment and labor hours, material purchases, subcontractors and other costs. It even includes labor "burden" in the cost tracking (employer taxes, benefits and other payroll expenses).

Goldenseal works for many types of small businesses-- construction companies, service businesses, professionals, retailers and small manufacturers. It's a complete business management package designed with "real world" accounts for people who don't have a degree in accounting.

The Goldenseal accounting program also helps any small business with project management and general business management.

Activity Based Cost Software, and More!

The complete version of Goldenseal includes all of these features:

The Goldenseal activity based cost accounting software is available for Macintosh and Windows computers. Over 8000 small businesses already use it to control their expenses and stay profitable.

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