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Goldenseal Accounting Programs




Goldenseal is one of the best accounting programs for small business. It is integrated software that handles many parts of your business needs. Goldensea tracks expenses, keeps business accounts, and sends out customer and project bills.

Goldenseal also writes payroll, and helps with project management and general business management. It's a very good "next step" for anyone who is outgrowing beginner accounting programs like MYOB or Quickbooks.

If you are a construction company or service business, Goldenseal will help you to make project estimates, and then track job costs as work progresses. You can also use the scheduling and contract-writing features to help manage your projects.

If you are an architect or professional, Goldenseal will let you do time billing, and track your expenses and projects.

If you are a retail or wholesale business or small manufacturer, Goldenseal will track inventory, manage sales and accounts receivable, and handle expenses.

If you own or manage rental properties, Goldenseal will track rents and leases, do your billing, and help you to estimate the cost of improvements and repairs.

Besides its basic accounting features, Goldenseal also handles appointments, customer contacts, lead tracking and financial statements.

Accounting, and More!

Goldenseal accounting programs include all of these features:

Goldenseal business accounting programs are available for Macintosh and Windows computers.Click here for software pricing.