Quarterly Payroll Reports


How to do quarterly payroll reports. How to use MacNail construction payroll software for estimated tax payments, quarterly taxes, etc.


They need to open the company payroll file, which stores the total tax info for each pay period. May need to add SUM() formulas at bottom of co . payroll to get the totals for a particular quarter. See newsletter # 16 for details.


NOTE: Some people do a payroll report for 3 months, thinking this will give them the taxes for that quarter. THIS DOES NOT WORK. Payroll reports are designed to give correct withholding amounts for whatever pay period the user does payroll for- weekly, monthly etc. If you do one for three months, most of the hours will be considered overtime, thus throwing off the total. Also the formulas won't be appropriate. So forget it, just do the above.


Entered 4/11/94 by Vinay. Updated 11/23/2010.