Payroll Posting Problem


payroll updating-- getting wrong numbers in 1 or more column of Company Payroll File when writing payroll


User reports that if 'check number' column is hidden in MacNail construction payroll software , then check # is posted to the net column instead, making numbers too high. This only happens if he column is hidden AND it's reposting over an existing number.

It happened with XL3-- this sounds like an XL3 bug, since that version is the first with the 'hide' option for columns.


If user reports mystery wrong numbers, check to see if they have some columns hidden. If so, suspect this problem no matter which XL version they have, and have them unhide all columns.
If they don't want a column to print, set column width to 1 and it will print very narrow!


Entered 12/8/94 by Dennis. Updated 11/23/2010.