Adding Payroll Worksheet Columns


wants to add columns to payroll report for extra withholding, taxes, benefits etc


This is pretty involved. Life is simpler if they can use the existing columns-- 'other' can be used for anything. Likewise 'medical'.


If they do want to add columns in MacNail construction payroll software, follow these steps:
1. Insert a column in the Payroll Blank. (safest to make a copy of it 1st).
2. Use fill right from the column to its left to get the =SUM() formula
3. Select the total cell for the new column, then choose Define Name from the Formula menu (Insert- Name- Define in newer XL versions).
4. Scroll through the list. If there is no TAXn.TOTAL in the list, define the cell as TAX1.TOTAL. If there is already one or more TAXn.TOTAL items, define it as TAX2.TOTAL or whatever is one greater than existing names.
5. Click OK.
Do payroll updating as normal.

Note that this will work fine if done BEFORE they update payroll files for the current year. If done AFTER files were updated, the same change will have to be made to all employee payroll files, plus the company payroll file, plus the current year's pay file blank in the accounting blanks folder.
Alternatively they can trash all the payroll files and the current year's pay file blank, make all new payroll reports for each period, then update all files.

NOTE-- Goldenseal payroll software is much easier about this kind of thing. You can add or change withholding or benefits in mid-year with no problems at all.


Entered 12/26/95 by Dennis. Updated 11/22/2010.