Bottom Line Infinite Loop


getting infinite 'Bottom Line has changed; calculate again?" requests. Prices don't converge when calculate; keep changing randomly. General Conditions way too high.


these problems are usually caused by a suggestion or adjuster formula they've added which includes the projectTotal (total project cost) variable. If they create an item with a suggestion of =projectTotal for example, every time the project cost increases, this will increase, which will increase the project cost etc. ad infinitum.


They should use something which will converge, like SQRT(projectTotal), or not use projectTotal at all when creating custom formulas in BidMagic Construction Estimating Software.


Entered 5/20/94 by Vinay. Updated 10/18/2010.

NOTE-- We retired BidMagic estimating software back in 2002, and replaced with Goldenseal-- which is integrated estimating software and project management software (plus optional accounting software).