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Goldenseal Small Business Software

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What is Goldenseal?

Goldenseal is accounting, estimating and business management software for Macintosh and Windows computers.

We designed Goldenseal for business owners or employees who are not accountants. It is easy to learn, and easy to use.

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Who can Use it?

Goldenseal is software for small businesses. It works for anyone who needs to give estimates, control expenses or manage projects. It handles your accounting, and many other business functions.

The program includes "smart dimensions" and unit costs for new construction and remodeling estimates. We use it to run Turtle Creek Construction (and TurtleSoft).

Goldenseal is used by remodelers, construction contractors, architects, retailers, service businesses, and professionals. It's ideal for any small business that needs more than just basic accounting.

How Much Does it Cost?

Basic version (no accounting)-- $495
Full version-- $895
Multi-user versions-- 2 users: $1295, 5 users: $1695, 10 users: $2195, 20 users: $3095

What Does it Do?

Goldenseal is small business software that does all the following (and more!):

Accounting: A/P, A/R, Check Writing, Financial Reports, Inventory, Job Costs, Payroll, Project Billing
Cost Estimating: Assemblies, Unit Costs
Project Management: Change Orders, Contract Writing, Material Takeoffs, Punch Lists, Schedules
Business Management: Appointments, Customer Relations, Leads, Property Management, Sales

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What does it Include?

We ship you printed manual(s), and a CD if requested. You also get 12 months of free downloads. That lets you get new versions as they are released, and also lets you start using our software, as soon as we process your order.

The Goldenseal program includes free email support for as often and as long as you need it. There are also many additional help resources on this website.


We listen to our users!
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